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Reasons you Should let a Professional Handle the Removal of Asbestos

Reasons you Should let a Professional Handle the Removal of Asbestos - Aztec Group - Asbestos Removal Calgary

Most people have heard about asbestos. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that’s found all over the world. For a long time, asbestos was used by humans as a material for all sort of things. It’s fireproof, chemically inert, and affordable. These traits lead to asbestos being used in everything from ceiling tiles to firefighter uniforms and artificial snow. However, …

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Asbestos: Your Responsibilities as a Homeowner

Asbestos: Your Responsibilities as a Homeowner - Aztec Group - Asbestos Testing Experts

So you want to get a work permit for a renovation on your home, and you know that you need to do have the work site checked for asbestos or something. But what exactly are your responsibilities as a homeowner in this situation?

Getting the Premise Tested.

It’s up to you to have your home thoroughly examined for asbestos …

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Halloween Special: Werewolves & Witches

Halloween Special: Werewolves & Witches - Aztec Group - Mould Testing Experts Calgary

Most Canadians know about the Salem Witch Trials. These infamous hearings and prosecutions took place in Salem Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. They resulted in the execution of twenty people. Numerous more were imprisoned and all in all it was not a good time to be a woman or an outcast.

What the average Canadian may not …

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Mould: Not Just in Homes… is Your Business Affected?

Mould: Not Just in Homes... is Your Business Affected? - Aztec Group - Mould Removal Experts Calgary

Nobody wants to imagine their home quietly rotting from the inside out, but houses aren’t the only building susceptible to mould. Public buildings, like libraries and schools, and corporate buildings can also be affected. Any building with enough humidity and a food source like drywall or carpet can develop mould, so it’s important to know how to recognize the …

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Asbestos: The History

Asbestos: The History - Aztec Group - Asbestos and Mould Experts Calgary

Asbestos isn’t a man-made material; it’s actually a group of naturally occurring minerals similar to garnet and other silicate stones. Asbestos has many useful physical properties such as being heat resistant, chemically innate, electrically resistant, strong, and sound absorptive. There are asbestos deposits occurring on each continent which means it’s also abundant and affordable.

Ancient World Asbestos Use. When …

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