Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal, Abatement and Remediation

Asbestos exposure is the single largest on-the-job killer in Canada accounting for more than a third or total workplace death claims approved last year and nearly a third since 1996, new national data obtained by The Globe and Mails shows. The 368 death claims last year alone represent a higher number than fatalities from highway accidents, fires and chemical exposures combined.

Asbestos was a common product used in many construction materials until 1985. However many buildings still used asbestos-containing materials during construction such as vermiculite up until 1999.

Asbestos removal from any building is an intensive job that requires unique training and special equipment. Without proper training and equipment, one may be exposing themselves or others to serious health risks.

At Aztec we will inspect, survey, test and safely remove all asbestos from your building or project.