Reasons you Should let a Professional Handle the Removal of Asbestos

Most people have heard about asbestos. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that’s found all over the world. For a long time, asbestos was used by humans as a material for all sort of things. It’s fireproof, chemically inert, and affordable. These traits lead to asbestos being used in everything from ceiling tiles to firefighter uniforms and artificial snow. However, much has changed since department stores used to keep piles of the stuff for kids to play in during the Christmas season.

It’s Dangerous.

The problem with asbestos lies in its structure. The mineral is made of very fine hair-like fibers. When inhaled, these fibers get lodged in your lungs. The trapped fibers can then cause many problems down the road. Most notably, exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to asbestosis and mesothelioma (a particularly nasty type of lung cancer). The experts at Aztec have the equipment and knowledge to remove asbestos without contaminating the area. When we abate the asbestos in your home or workplace, we make sure that everyone is kept safe.

It can be Anywhere.

Because asbestos has the potential to be so dangerous, it isn’t commonly used anymore. However, homeowners with an older house likely have asbestos lingering in their home. During the 50s over 1000 common household items contained asbestos. New homes may also have asbestos. Rigid, strong building materials like ceiling and floor tiles, siding, and roofing shingles often still contain asbestos. The asbestos in these materials is trapped and unable to escape as long as the material remains in good shape. When homeowners do renos to their own home, they may accidentally disturb asbestos if they don’t have the work site properly tested first.

Calgarians are required to have a professional test their home for asbestos before they can be issued either a demolition or renovation permit. This is because asbestos has the potential to cause great harm both to the renovator and everyone else exposed to the fibers. If asbestos is discovered in your home or if you need asbestos removed in order to move forward with a project, the experts at Aztec Group can help.

Have a question about asbestos in your home or workplace? Contact Aztec today; we’d be happy to explain our process and answer your questions.

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