Asbestos: Your Responsibilities as a Homeowner

So you want to get a work permit for a renovation on your home, and you know that you need to do have the work site checked for asbestos or something. But what exactly are your responsibilities as a homeowner in this situation?

Getting the Premise Tested.

It’s up to you to have your home thoroughly examined for asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. Any materials that are going to be handled, disturbed, or interacted with in anyway during the work must be tested. This means having a professional team like the experts at Aztec out to take samples on site. We then test materials back in our lab. We’ll bring you our report. If you don’t have any asbestos, great! If you do, things just got a bit complicated for you.

Removing Asbestos.

Any asbestos or asbestos-containing materials must be removed before you can start your renovation or demolition work. Again, you’ll have to bring in a specialized team to carefully remove the asbestos from your home. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Our expert team has the knowledge to handle asbestos safely. We can keep you, your family, your neighbours, and our employees healthy while the asbestos is removed. No one lacking the proper training and equipment should attempt to remove asbestos.

Filling out the Appropriate Paperwork.

Once we’ve removed the asbestos, you can fill out your paperwork and proceed as usual. We understand that homeowners can sometimes think the extra paperwork is tedious and unnecessary, but it’s important to remember that checking for asbestos saves lives.

When you’re a homeowner hiring a team to renovate or demolish part or all of your house, the lives and health of the people you hire are in your hands. It’s up to you to make sure that the premise is properly checked for asbestos and that the contractor working on your home has all the information they need in order to keep their people safe. That means there can’t be any best guesses. Remember that disturbed asbestos could continue to release fibers into the air for years. Everyone who spends any amount of time in the home would be at risk.

If you’re planning a project that requires your home be tested for asbestos, you need to be certain: call in the experts. Contact us today.


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